Anna Pederson

Anna Pederson

Anna Pederson

Location: Niamey, Niger
Ministry: Students at Sahel Academy


Anna Pederson is a professional artist who has chosen to devote this period of her life to teaching art. She grew up in BC and Alberta and has been a Christian since she was four years old. The Lord is guiding her to use her gift of art to bring joy, beauty, and authenticity to those around her.
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Mission Overview:

Anna is working with the students of Sahel Academy which is an international school in the heart of Niamey. She has been in Niger since the Fall of 2020. Her students are in Grades K-12. Niamey is a very animistic and Islamic culture and many people are hungry for the truth and liberty in Christ. Anna is serving the families who are working in the community to share the Lord’s love in many ways.

How to Give:

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