Home Video Insertion for Christmas Play

Home Video Insertion for Christmas Play

Hello RCC Families!

Faith Toronchuk is writing and directing a short Video (one-act) play for our fast approaching Riverside Christmas season: “Christmas ~ what’s it all about anyway?”

and is asking for YOUR help:

RCC Families: you are invited to create and submit your own home video-taped SCENES for possible insertion into our online play.

(not just for kids – we’d like teens and adults involved as well)


Videos should be 1-2 min max each (background sound will be added so no lines or sound is necessary)

Video 1: your family prepping to create their nativity story: scenes could include:

costuming the family: bathrobes, towels for headpiece, blankets, etc are all fine – use what you have!
your family walking outdoors with your nativity items
your family setting up your nativity scene: arranging the staging, etc.
Video 2: family going through the nativity: (you can do all or select a few scenes; if you do all, please try to keep it under 3 min):

Angel appearing to Mary to tell her she is going to have a baby
Angel appearing to Joseph telling him to take Mary as his wife
Joseph and Mary looking for a room, Innkeeper shows them a ‘stable’
Inspiration Ideas: Here’s a couple of “kids do the nativity” videos which may spur on some creative ideas of your own:
* Inspiration Video 1
* Inspiration Video 2

Video can be shot in your back yard, a farm you have access to, a local park (ideas: Sendal Gardens, Aldergrove, Williams or Campbell Valley Park)

PLEASE let Faith know ASAP (see her email address below) if you are planning to submit a video and which scenes you will be submitting. Also, include how many people and ages of children/youth will be in it.

DEADLINE for all videos is December 4th (by end of the day) … sooner if at all possible

Please submit your video(s) to: colesmith@riversidecalvary.com

PLEASE NOTE: Videos which are selected will be shown as part of the play (which may include Facebook live and/or youtube)

– but no family names will be included.

If you have any questions regarding ideas or content, please message Faith at FaithKto@protonmail.com – but please do NOT send videos to this email.