This has been an interesting and challenging time for us as we adapt to a new way of doing church. It’s a less than ideal way because we were made for community and the church is about gathering (the very name for church – ekklesia – means gathering or assembly). But during this time we want to make effort to provide an opportunity for us to gather together as an online church. We are live streaming our Sunday Morning Service at 10am and Wednesday Night Service at 7pm on our Youtube Page.

I trust that these will be encouraging and meaningful times together. Here’s some tips for making the most of these times:

1) Treat the live stream like you were at Church.
Try your best to not wake up 2 minutes before the service. Get ready ahead of time, gather the family around and pray for the service before it begins. Be present. Worship along with us. Be engaged in what is happening as though you were in the same room with us. Even though you can watch the service later since it will remain on YouTube after the live stream is completed, try to be there “live” with us. Maintain this routine and this time together with your church family.

2) Avoid distractions.
It’s easy sitting at home to let your mind drift off to other things (let’s face it, it’s easy for that to happen when you’re at church too). So remove anything that might easily get in the way of you being fully present with us in the service. Perhaps you set your viewing room up a bit differently so it doesn’t just feel like you’re consuming more media, but rather being a part of a church gathering.

3) Engage with others.
We’ll try to have the service streaming a few minutes before we actually start the service so that you can interact with one another in the comments section and greet each other. This helps us feel more like the church as we encourage each other.

4) Pass it on.
Share the link on your social media feeds and invite others to come and watch along with you. People you’ve been inviting to church may not feel comfortable coming into a church building, but we can bring the church into their home. And it’s much easier for them to click on a link.

5) Be praying for us to be able to meet together again!
This will soon pass. And I pray that our online church experience has only caused us to long for the day we can gather together again.

We are also trying to provide content for kids to enjoy as well. Parents can check on this page each week where they will find activity sheets or devotionals to share with their kids (and hopefully an inspiring video as well).

Let us know if you have any suggestions and I pray you are being fed, encouraged, and blessed as we gather together online!

See you soon!

Pastor Brent


For curriculum, devotional, and craft ideas, please download our regular Children’s Ministry curriculum below. Enjoy it today or through the week as you continue to bless and lead your children in the ways of the Lord.

Preschoolers Edition

K-Grade 2 Edition

Grade 3-5 Edition

Activity Sheet:
*The first child under 12 to email Pastor Brent their completed Crossword wins a Chocolate Bar of their choice (or a parent approved treat). You can take a picture of it and email it in if that’s easier.

Crossword Puzzle

Coloring Page

The Big Story (Bible Overview in 5 minutes):