Sermon Archive (Page 38)

Overcoming Obstacles

As the religious leaders continue to critique and question Jesus, He shares with them a story that reveals what God has done for them, and how they themselves have handled it. It’s the gospel message wrapped up in a great parable. Have you rejected or received Jesus? Bible Text: Mark 12:1-12

The Triumphal Entry

Jesus makes His way into Jerusalem with the public acknowledging Him as the Messiah. It’s the first time Jesus allowed public praise. But as we look through our passage, we see that not all was well in Jerusalem. Bible Text: Mark 11:1-19

The Calvary Road

As Jesus makes His way to Jerusalem we see what it takes to walk this path to the cross. In this section we look at the Courage of Jesus, the Correction by Jesus, and the Compassion from Jesus. Bible Text: Mark 10:32-52

Divorce Debate

As Jesus makes His way to Jerusalem, He’s confronted again by the Pharisees who have a question for Him. The question is nothing more than a trap, nevertheless, it’s a question many battle with today – is divorce ok? What does the Bible say about it? That’s what we look at today. Bible Text: Mark 10:1-12

The Road To Greatness

As Jesus makes His way to Jerusalem and the cross, He begins to focus in on teaching His disciples what this truly meant. They were still not understanding as is evidenced with their dispute over who would be the greatest in the Kingdom. Jesus provides a revolutionary answer that would have been a little surprising to the disciples. Bible Text: Mark 9:30-50

Mountains and Valleys

Jesus takes His inner 3 guys – Peter, James and John – up on a mount where Jesus is transfigures, He reveals His glory. Though He has been talking about His death, and the need for His disciples to take up their cross, death would not be the end. Glory is awaiting all those that give their lives away. And this mountain top experience is meant to prepare them for what…

Dying To Live!

As the disciples are being brought along in their faith, Jesus drops a bombshell on them – that He’s going to suffer, die and rise again. This came as a shock to the disciples who were expecting a strong, political leader in their Messiah. But Jesus presents a kingdom paradox – the way to live is to die. Not only would a cross be in His future, but a cross awaits all…

Slow Learners

Jesus is looking to lead His disciples to a greater understanding of who He is. He’s seeking to grow their faith and see them mature, but it is a slow process – just like the disciples we can be slow learners. But thankfully, Jesus is patient, and gives us many opportunities to see His greatness and grow our faith! Bible Text: Mark 8:1-21