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The Prayer & Deliverance of Jonah

The rebellious, renegade, prophet ends up getting stopped in his tracks and finds himself in the belly of a great fish. That would definitely be a good time to pray, which is what Jonah does. And in his prayer we see a humbled man who is thanking God for not letting him perish in the sea. Bible Text: Jonah 2:1-10

Out With The Old

Jesus did not come to patch up the old system of Judaism. He wasn’t interested in keeping people under the law or of introducing a new law. He came to show a new way – a better way! The Old Covenant wouldn’t be able to contain what would be done through the New Covenant. Bible Text: Mark 2:18-28

The Grace Chase

Jonah is a man on the run. He’s running from having to go to Ninevah, and he’s running from God. Not only is he afraid of the Ninevites, but Jonah is actually afraid that God will show mercy to them and spare them. Not what Jonah wanted. He is the prodigal prophet. But God goes after him, and ultimately uses Jonah to give Ninevah an opportunity to repent. It’s the…

Engaging or Excluding?

Jesus calls Levi, a guy otherwise dismissed and despised in society because of his occupation. Yet Levi (later named Matthew) becomes a follower of Christ and a guy that brings other social outcasts to Christ. This passage reveals how Jesus came to save sinners such as these! Bible Text: Mark 2:13-17

Forgiveness and Healing!

Jesus returns to Capernaum and the crowds are growing. So much so that 4 guys can’t get their paralyzed friend in to see Him. We look at the passion, patience, and productiveness of these 4 friends and how we should be applying this in bringing people to Jesus. And we see the forgiveness Jesus offers. He not only brings physical healing, but Jesus does a spiritual…

Present Judgment, Future Restoration

Amos receives another vision from God, this time it’s of a basket of summer fruit – the ripe fruit ready for picking. Israel was this ripe fruit, ready for the judgment of God. Yet as we go through these chapters, we see that God is very gracious, still giving people an opportunity to turn back to Him. There will be a faithful remnant that will remain. And as we close…

A Day In The Life Of Jesus

Ever feel like you’re just going and going and the pressure of life seems overwhelming? Jesus Himself faced great demands from the crowds and pressure mounted. How did He deal with it? We take a look in this study to see what a day in the life of Jesus was like and how He made it through. Bible Text: Mark 1:21-45

The Plumb Line Is Set

Amos preaches his fifth and final message to Israel, who’ve been living in the lap of luxury without any concern for God’s Word of coming judgment. Amos is shown three visions, one of which reveals the plumb line of the Lord. Israel has been a crooked nation and needs to be set right. It’s a definite reminder for us to be sure we’re lined up with God’s Word. Bible Text:…

Jesus Calls His First Disciples

After the baptism and temptation of Jesus, we now look at the message and mission of Jesus. We see Him calling His first disciples and we’ll look at the significance of this in light of the tradition of Jewish discipleship. Bible Text: Mark 1:14-20