Ed and Cheryl Hickey

Ed and Cheryl Hickey

Ed and Cheryl Hickey

Location: Abbotsford, B.C.
Ministry: The Paul Initiative
Email: edhickey77@gmail.com


Ed and Cheryl have been in the ministry for years. Ed has planted and pastored churches in B.C. and Ontario. He has a huge heart for discipleship and started The Paul Initiative to build up pastors and leaders around the world, equipping them for ministry.
Ed and Cheryl live in Abbotsford and Ed pastors Abbotsford Calvary Chapel.

Mission Overview:

The Paul Initiative has the mission to make disciples and train up church leaders. Ed actively mentors and teaches people around the world to faithfully and passionately lead a fruitful ministry. The Paul Initiative currently is working with leaders in Canada, Kenya, Nepal, and more.
Visit www.thepaulinitiative.com for more infortmation.

How to Give:

To support Ed & Cheryl go to www.thepaulinitiative.com/give