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8:00 AM | 10:00 AM | 12:00 PM

Life of the Fellowship

This is an all-church family meeting and is a time to share our vision for Riverside moving ahead. We encourage everyone who calls Riverside their home church to plan to be in attendance. We’d also love to hear from you so we’ve arranged a time for Q&A.

North Langley Community Church
21015 96 Ave, Langley
March 9, Saturday
6:00 PM

Good Friday

Join us for our Good Friday services as we remember Jesus’ great sacrifice for us all.

Riverside Calvary Chapel
March 29th, Friday
9:00 AM | 11:00 AM

Resurrection Sunday

We invite you to our Resurrection Sunday services as we come together to celebrate our risen Saviour! Be sure to bring your family and friends to church!

Riverside Calvary Chapel
March 31st, Sunday
6:30 AM | 8:00 AM | 10:00 AM | 12:00 PM


How To Treat Others | Matthew 7:1-12

The problem with the human heart is that we tend to think of ourselves as much better than we truly are, overlook sin in our lives, but be drawn to see the sin in others. For us to live the life that Jesus is laying out in the Sermon on the Mount, the Kingdom Way, we need help! If we’re going to live a life that’s growing in righteousness, walking in obedience, then we need to look to the Lord.

Why Worry? | Matthew 6:25-34

Stop worrying about your little kingdom, and start living according to His Kingdom. Put your eternal rewards ahead of anything this world can offer. When you get your perspective straight, you’ll see that the things you’ve been worrying about really are quite small and insignificant in light of Him.

This Land Is God’s Land | Joshua 12-14

God had given the land of Israel to His people and called them to claim the full land. In the same way, Jesus has secured a great victory for us, but we need to be sure that areas of resistance are rooted out of our lives. If we let things remain in us that are footholds of the enemy, they can begin to win back small battles and take ground that should be rightfully Christs.

Where Is Your Treasure? | Matthew 6:16-24

Jesus shows us that we cannot serve both God and money. We like to think we can have a healthy compromise, but one master will always prevail. We all have a choice to make. Who are you serving today?

Preaching Through The Bible

“We teach God’s Word each Sunday going through it verse by verse.”

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