Riverside Education Society

Riverside Education Society

riverside education society

MISSION: “The Riverside Education Society is a community of home, church and school collaboratively equipping learners to become faithful disciples of Christ by exploring the Word of God and applying it to their lives.”


In the Spring of 2023, the formation of the Riverside Education Society (RES) began after the need to support families at Riverside Calvary Chapel (RCC) in their education endeavors became obvious. The pastoral team at RCC appointed six people to sit on the RES Board to help establish and govern all future educational programs at RCC. Initially meeting every week, and now monthly, the RES board continues to identify needs and shape the educational programs offered at RCC by working collaboratively with the pastors and elders of the church.

The RES believes that God designed parents to be their child’s first educator and each person is capable and called to be involved in their child’s education. Thus, the RES board aims to provide opportunities for parents to be directly involved in the discipleship and education of their children and offers several choices that can fit their family needs. 

 What educational programs do you plan to offer in September 2024?  

What educational programs do you currently offer at Riverside Calvary Chapel? 

The heart of the RES is to provide a support network for families no matter what path a person chooses for their child’s education. Whether your children attend public education, private education or learn at home, we want to support you. If you have any further questions or inquiries, please contact Debbie White, the RES Board Chair.