Sermon Archive (Page 62)

Jesus: Man for all Mankind

We look at the civil trial that Jesus undergoes as the Jews seek to bring Him to Pilate, the Roman authority, so that he would find fault and issue the death penalty. Pilate however marvels at such a Man who endured so much and kept moving with a resolved focus of the cross. Bible Text: Mark 15:1-21

Priority Adjustment

A group of Jews returned back to Israel after their exile in Babylon. They were to return and work on the rebuilding of the temple. But soon opposition set in and distraction came, and the rebuilding work sat idle for 15 years. Haggai the prophet comes along to speak to the people and cause them to see that their priorities have been out of line. So he speaks into their…

Disputed, Dismissed, & Denied

Jesus is led away from the Garden of Gethsemane where his unjust trial begins. False accusations are given, but none of the witnesses can line their stories up. Finally Jesus admits that He is God, and allows the religious leaders to charge Him with blasphemy. It’s what must happen for Him to go to the cross. Jesus is in full control. We conclude with the story of Peter’s…

Judgment to Joy

Zephaniah leads us through upcoming judgment that will come against Judah and Jerusalem. And not only to them, but to all nations that have walked in rebellion to God. But as always in the message of the Lord, there is hope. The Lord always has His remnant of people that will be faithful. And this is available to all who turn to the Lord. This judgment can turn to…

Panicked or Praying?

In this passage we look at the Proud, the Praying, and the Panicked. In the midst of overconfidence and panic, Jesus teaches the importance of prayer. It’s a crucial time in Jesus’ life as He prepares for the cross, yet He takes time to go the Father. A priority that should be followed in every believer. Bible Text: Mark 14:27-52