Sermons by Brent Smith

Sermons by Brent Smith

Brent Smith: Called And Sent | Matthew 9:35-10:10

Jesus saw the people as sheep with no shepherd. The religious leaders should have been shepherding them, but they were like wolves preying upon them. The Good Shepherd was now in their midst, but the people needed to be aware of this and see their need for Him.

Brent Smith: Discipleship, Difficulties and Demons | Matthew 8:14-34

Jesus simply asks His disciples, ‘Why are you fearful?’ Now we can all think of at least a few reasons why fear might get the better of us. But though the storm is raging, Jesus is at rest. With Jesus in the boat, we don’t need to fear! Though trials will come, He will not let us drown. We need to take confidence in that.

Brent Smith: God’s Faithfulness and Our Obedience | Joshua 23

Joshua warns the people that those things that may seem alluring and may look innocent will turn out to be a snare and a trap. So too, sin will be that which will corrupt and be a scourge if we don’t cut it away. The wages of sin is death, there’s no room to play around with it. Don’t believe the lie that you can handle it. Its purpose is to destroy.