Recent Sermons

Why Worry? | Matthew 6:25-34

Stop worrying about your little kingdom, and start living according to His Kingdom. Put your eternal rewards ahead of anything this world can offer. When you get your perspective straight, you’ll see that the things you’ve been worrying about really are quite small and insignificant in light of Him.

This Land Is God’s Land | Joshua 12-14

God had given the land of Israel to His people and called them to claim the full land. In the same way, Jesus has secured a great victory for us, but we need to be sure that areas of resistance are rooted out of our lives. If we let things remain in us that are footholds of the enemy, they can begin to win back small battles and take ground that should be rightfully Christs.

Where Is Your Treasure? | Matthew 6:16-24

Jesus shows us that we cannot serve both God and money. We like to think we can have a healthy compromise, but one master will always prevail. We all have a choice to make. Who are you serving today?

Our Heavenly Inheritance | 1 Peter 1:3-9

We have been given a new citizenship, and that citizenship is in heaven. We are simply just passing through on this earth. And this is given to us through Jesus Christ who died so that He may make us right with the Father and give us eternal life.

Be Perfect? | Matthew 5:43-48

We don’t have to feel beat down and offended by threats or hurts against us if we are truly following Jesus and allowing Him to make us new. Be who He has made you to be, perfect and mature – a child of God who resembles your Heavenly Father rather than the god of this age.

Living A Life of Sincerity and Surrender | Matthew 5:33-42

God is not expecting us to be sinlessly perfect, though we should never think there’s a valid reason to succumb to sin. But what God does desire for us to be be moving on into maturity. Allow the Lord to keep perfecting you. This is the mark of the mature believer.

Wise Men Still Seek Him | Matthew 2:1-12

We celebrate Jesus’ willingness to give up the blessing of heaven and come to this world as one of us, but we would be remiss if we just left it there. His coming to this world was always to lead to the cross and our salvation.