Sermons on Cross

Sermons on Cross

What Happened On That Cross? | Rob Lee

Pastor Rob takes us through what really happened on that cross and how Christians are to live by the grace of God given to us through belief in the death of Jesus Christ for us.

Matthew 28:1-8 – Come And See

We take a look at the Resurrection account through the lens of the critic. Many try and disprove the resurrection of Jesus Christ, but is it as simple as they say? We look at the various evidence to show we shouldn’t be fooled into thinking the resurrection never happened.

Galatians 3:1-14 – The Just By Faith LIVE

Do you ever feel like you need to add something in order to be right with God? We know Jesus saves us, but do you ever think that you need to perfect yourself? Paul challenges those thinking this way and reminds us that the just will live by faith!
Jeremiah Study

Is The Yoke On You?

The first 25 chapters of Jeremiah focus on the message of God. Sadly it was one of impending judgment if they didn’t repent. As we move into Jeremiah 26, the next few chapters focus on the people’s response to the message. It brought opposition and aggression. It was clear the people were not ready to repent. And Jeremiah continued to give out God’s Word and showed them what they needed to do to be spared. They could either submit to God’s Word or succumb to His judgment. Bible text: Jeremiah 26-28
Revelation Slide

The Angel and the Book

John sees an angel come down and set his feet upon the land and sea. In his hand is a book that John is told to take and eat. Who is this angel and what is this book? We answer these questions and more as we look at this interlude between the 6th and 7th trumpet judgments. Bible Text: Revelation 10
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