Sermons from October 2023

Sermons from October 2023

Jesus’ Ministry Begins | Matthew 4:12-25

Have you chosen today to follow Jesus? Have you counted the cost of discipleship? Discipleship is truly costly, but it’s worth every penny. Death apart from a saving relationship with Jesus Christ means that an eternal hell is your destination. Don’t be deceived: the cost of non- discipleship is far greater than the cost of discipleship.

The Temptation of Jesus | Matthew 4:1-11

The devil will tempt us, but we don’t have to fall prey to the attacks against our flesh. Know the Word. The only offensive weapon is the Word of God! But the Word is not a magical formula that causes Satan to run. He will keep coming. Don’t just speak the Word, live the Word. Let it be the principles you live by. This is what ensures victory.

Crossing The Jordan | Joshua 3-4

God worked in a way where He would exalt Joshua. But this was not to make Joshua great, it was to show the greatness of God. It was to confirm to the people that God was with Joshua and was working through Joshua to lead the people of Israel into Canaan.

The Baptism of Jesus | Matthew 3:13-17

Are you pleased in the Son? Have you found your rest, righteousness and life in Him? If the Father is pleased with Him, then we most certainly should be as well. Have you identified your life with His through waters of baptism? He’s come and identified with us and taken our place, but have you taken your place in repentance and obedience to follow Him in this way?

Preparing The Way | Matthew 3:1-12

The kingdom of heaven is at hand. It can mean peace and blessing to those who will receive King Jesus. Or it will be accompanied with judgment and misery to those who oppose the Kingship of Jesus. Where do you stand today?

Redemption In Jericho | Joshua 2:1-24

Rahab had to exercise great faith and courage in trusting these spies. She had to have faith and courage in telling her family about the coming judgment and the only way to be spared. They could have ratted her out. But her faith took action and she was justified by her works.