Sermons on Ezekiel (Page 2)

Sermons on Ezekiel (Page 2)

Ezekiel 10-12 – Glory Gone

As Ezekiel continues to see the sin and rebellion taking place in Jerusalem, God shows him that His glory is departing not only the temple, but Jerusalem itself. They had taken God for granted and now they will experience the devastating aftermath of His presence taken away. A somber warning for us to not take the Lord’s presence for granted. We’ve been invited in to enjoy fellowship. May we continue in that.

Ezekiel 6-9 – Sin Is Not A Trivial Matter

Ezekiel is given a word from the Lord to pronounce to Israel. Their sin of idolatry and rebellion has caught up to them and now judgment is upon them. They thought it was a trivial matter to be involved in these things. How about us? Do we view sin lightly or do we see the destruction it brings? We discuss these things in this study.

Ezekiel 1-2 – The Call And Commission Of Ezekiel

The beginning of Ezekiel gets into some very interesting stuff. Ezekiel is called by the Lord for a new role, but before Ezekiel gets serving, the Lord wants him to simply see Him more clearly. So Ezekiel is given an incredible heavenly vision. We break this down and look at what this is all about.

Palm Sunday Breakthrough

In this message we look at the first Palm Sunday – the Triumphal Entry of Jesus, and compare it with the Triumphal Entry yet to come!

Valley of Dry Bones

Israel Tour Recap. God is not done with Israel – there is still a future and a hope for God’s people.
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