Sermons on Habakkuk

Sermons on Habakkuk

Worshipping and Witnessing

Habakkuk was taken from the valley, to the watchtower, now he’s up on the mountaintop as he learns the value of waiting on, and trusting in the Lord. Here in chapter 3 we see Habakkuk praising God for His past faithfulness and seeing how the Lord has everything presently under control. Bible Text: Habakkuk 3:1-19

Watching and Waiting

After Habakkuk questions God and wonders why He isn’t doing something about the mess they were in, He now turns to the Lord to wait and hear from Him. Often times we miss out on seeing what God is doing because we frantically run ahead attempting to fix everything. Habakkuk gives us a great example when we’re tempted to do just that. Bible Text: Habakkuk 2:1-20

Wondering and Wrestling

Habakkuk was troubled with what he was seeing around him and he wondered why God wasn’t acting? Shouldn’t God be taking care of this? Sound familiar? Ever feel like that? In the book of Habakkuk we find a wonderful reminder that we are to trust God – have our faith completely in Him. For even if we don’t realize it, He is at work! Bible Text: Habakkuk 1:1-17