Sermons on Job

Sermons on Job

Job 40-42 – The Restoration Of Job

God continues to show Job the wonders of His creation, displayed through two of His most magnificent beasts – the behemoth and leviathan. It gives Job a greater revelation of the greatness and sovereignty of God and of his own inadequacy to tell God what He should or shouldn’t do. In the end, Job will repent and be restored and given a better end to his life than the beginning. Bible Text: Job 40-42

Job 38-39 – Where Were You

Job finally gets his audience with God, but it goes much different than what he had imagined. Instead of God bringing an answer as to the why’s of his suffering, God appears simply as the Answer. Job doesn’t get information about his situation, he gets a revelation of the greatness of God. Bible Text: Job 38-39

Job 25-30 – God’s Wisdom and Job’s Wonder

In this section both Bildad and Job share on the greatness of God. But only Job rightly understands that the greatness of God really reveals how little we know of Him. His ways are beyond finding out. Bible Text: Job 25-30

Job 15-19 – Battling Through Adversity

Job continues to get an earful from his friends that was of no help or value to Job. These friends didn’t have the full picture of what God was doing and their judgment was off. But Job was able to look beyond that and know the hope that lay ahead. He had a Redeemer, and one day he would see God in the flesh! May this reality keep us persevering through the hard times. Bible Text: Job 15-19

Job 16-17

Pete Jansen continues in our Wednesday night study of the book of Job. Bible Text: Job 16-17

Job 10-14 – How To Misapply Truth

We continue to look at the conversation between Job and his friends. They have been wrongly accusing Job, saying there must be sin in his life. This is why he is suffering. We’ll see what they have to say and how Job responds. Bible Text: Job 10:1-14:22

Job 6-9 – Job & Bildad Speak

The discussion between Job and his friends continues on. Their theory is that Job must have sinned, that’s why God is punishing him like this. That however couldn’t be further from the truth. We explore what is going on and how we should handle times of suffering. Bible Text: Job 6-9
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