Sermons on Israel

Sermons on Israel

Daniel 7-12

The book of Daniel contains some amazing prophecies that have not only been fulfilled through history, but they detail accurately of things to come. We take a look at these things in this study and see how our response should be in light of it all.

Ezekiel 38-39 – The Gog-Magog Battle

These chapters have some very interesting prophetic importance to them as we look at a future battle coming against Israel. Who’s involved, what’s the purpose, what’s the outcome? We look at these questions in our study of Ezekiel 38-39.

Ezekiel 36-37 – The Return And Renewal Of Israel

Sitting as captives in Babylon wouldn’t have been a fun experience for Israel. In fact it may have felt like all hope was lost for God fulfilling His promises. But we turn a corner now in our study through Ezekiel and begin to see what God has in store for His people. He’s not done with Israel yet!

2 Chronicles 14 – Lord, It Is Nothing For You

Asa is the new king of Judah and he turns things around. He directs people back to the Lord and they are greatly blessed. As an army of a million soldiers comes against them, Asa has such confidence in the Lord, that he calls out and says, ‘Lord, it is nothing for you to help!’ We learn some great lessons and application for us today through Asa’s example.

2 Chronicles 1 – Solomon’s Worship, Wisdom, & Wealth

2 Chronicles is an interesting historical book that is written with a fresh perspective. It’s written to give the returning captives from Babylon hope in what God has done, and hope in what God wants to continue to do in and through Israel. In this study we look at the beginning of Solomon’s reign and how he began with great faithfulness to God.

1 Chronicles 1-9 – Where Do I Belong

We begin our journey through 1+2 Chronicles by looking at the various genealogies of Israel and key figures within their history. It’s a fitting reminder for those returning out of Babylonian Captivity that God has not forgotten about them and still has a plan for them.