Sermons on Missions

Sermons on Missions

Acts 17 – Living Upright in an Upside Down World

Paul continues on in his second missionary journey. He comes to Thessalonica where we see threatening. Then he moves to Berea where we see believing. And then on to Athens where we see apathy. In all places there is mixed responses, but God is faithful to draw out those that respond to the Word and receive salvation. And we see some great examples from Paul of how to share the gospel. Bible Text: Acts 17:1-34

Second Mission Trip

Paul and Silas head out on the second recorded missionary journey in the book of Acts. And God brings along some new companions, new converts, and new challenges. But through it all, Paul and Silas continue on praising God for all things. He is good and never fails! Bible Text: Acts 16:1-40

First Mission Trip Completed

Paul and Barnabas continue on their mission trip with great perseverance, even undergoing a near death experience. But their love for people and desire to share the gospel wins out. They return back to Antioch (the sending church) with a great report of all that God has done. Bible Text: Acts 13:42-14:28

First Mission Trip

Paul and Barnabas are sent out by the church at Antioch to go and preach the gospel to areas that have not yet heard. And not only do we see the first mission trip in this chapter, but we see the first recorded sermon of Paul. Listen in to see what God has in store. Bible Text: Acts 13:1-41