Sermons on Praise

Sermons on Praise

Psalms 136-138 – Singing Songs Of Sorrow Or Praise

We see in Psalms 136 and 138 a call to praise God and a reminder why we should do so. Sandwiched between these Psalms is a Psalm detailing a time when the Jews had no song to sing, when they sat in captivity in Babylon. It’s a picture of the results of sin. It will rob us of a song to sing.

Psalms 112-115 – The Prerogative Of Praise

Over and over we see the call to Praise The Lord! And to do so from this time forth and forevermore. It’s the program of heaven. Are you a person of praise? This message will help encourage you to be one or continue in an attitude of praise in all things. Bible Text: Psalms 112:1-115:18

Giving Thanks To God

Guest speaker Sandy Adams (pastor of Calvary Chapel Stone Mountain) shares on how to give thanks to the Lord, based on some key instructions out of Psalm 116. Bible Text: Psalm 116:12-15

Living To Praise God

Solomon begins this chapter addressing those who boast in what they’re going to do, and boasting in what they’ve done. But we shouldn’t be seeking praise for ourselves, rather our lives should be lived to praise God alone. Bible Text: Proverbs 27:1-27

Our Response To His Reign

As we close out this section dealing with the Reign of the Lord, we look at how we should respond to the fact that God is Sovereign over all. Bible Text: Psalms 97-100

Come Let Us Worship!

We are given an incredible invitation to come and worship the Lord. There is joy and blessing that comes as we fix our eyes on the King who reigns, and give Him the praise that He deserves. We explore the goodness of God and the response we are to have as worshippers in these two Psalms. Bible Text: Psalms 95-96
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