Sermons on Triumphal Entry

Sermons on Triumphal Entry

Palm Sunday Breakthrough

In this message we look at the first Palm Sunday – the Triumphal Entry of Jesus, and compare it with the Triumphal Entry yet to come!

The Return Of The King

The last chapter of Zechariah brings us to the glorious second coming of Jesus Christ and on into the Millennium. The enemies of the Lord are defeated, and righteousness and holiness reign. Are you lacking hope in this world? Well, listen in to see the change that’s coming! Bibel Text: Zechariah 14:1-21

Contrast Of Two Kings

Zechariah lays out an interesting history lesson for us, but prophetic revelation to him. God gave him a word of how he was going to judge the nations surrounding Israel, and it was going to come through Alexander the Great. But then Zechariah jumps to the coming King – Jesus, who is coming with peace not destruction. It’s a fascinating passage reminding us that God is orchestrating all things to carry out His purposes! Zechariah 9:1-17