Sermons on Acts

Sermons on Acts

Anonymity Or Community

It’s easy to live in a place of isolation or anonymity. But is that what God intends for us? Is that an adequate way for the church to function? We take a look this morning at the operation of the early church and what they saw as a priority.

Acts 28 – Rome At Last

All through Paul’s ministry, as seen in this chapter, God preserved Paul by His power and enabled him to preach to the end. The progress of the gospel would not be hindered. May that still be said today! Bible Text: Acts 28:1-31

Acts 27 – Staying Safe In Storms

Paul is on his way to Rome, but this is no Mediterranean cruise. There’s some rough waters that Paul and the crew must navigate. But in this we see that God is ultimately in control. God will bring them to safety – but the key is to stay in the ship. Bible Text: Acts 27:1-44

Acts 26 – Paul’s Testimony Before Agrippa

After having stood before Felix, then Festus, Paul has opportunity to stand before King Agrippa and share of the work God has done in his life. Agrippa hears and is gripped with conviction, but does not open his heart to the truth. And we hear one of the saddest statements given by Agrippa: “You almost persuade me to become a Christian.” This world is filled with the ‘almost’. Missed opportunities and denied chances. May we be those living in the fullness of life God has for us. Bible Text: Acts 26:1-32

Acts 25 – Paul’s Defense Before Festus

After having to stand before Felix in chapter 24, another 2 years passes by before Paul has to go through it all again with Festus, the new Roman governor. It can be enough to break a person – unless that person is living completely for Jesus. This is what we see with Paul as he rests and relies on the Lord. Bible Text: Acts 25:1-27

Acts 24 – Paul’s Defense Before Felix

Paul is brought before the Roman governor Felix where the Jews present their case against him. How will things unfold? We look at how Paul handles himself and how God ultimately orchestrates all of these things for His purposes. Bible Text: Acts 24:1-27

Acts 23 – When Your Back’s Against The Wall

Things are getting increasingly more chaotic for Paul. Rejected, beaten, imprisoned, and a group of assassins taking an oath to kill him. Things aren’t going his way it would seem. Yet through it all we see God’s providential care time and time again. Jesus even comes to encourage Paul in jail and let’s him know He’s not done with him yet. What a great reminder that if God is for us, who can be against us. Bible Text: Acts 23:1-35

Acts 21:27-22:30 – Paul Gives An Account

Paul is given the opportunity he’s been dreaming of – to speak to his fellow country men. The Jewish crowds are gathered at the Temple, the stage is set! He lays it all out for them as to how Jesus met him, transformed him, and called him. Surely the people will warm up to Paul after this account. Listen in to hear how it all goes down and what we learn from his account. Bibel Text: Acts 21:27-22:30

Acts 20:28-21:26 – The Will Of The Lord Be Done

Ever wondered why the Lord would lead you in a certain way? Even when it seems like your heading for disaster? That was the case for Paul as he makes his way back to Jerusalem after his third missionary trip. Others were even given a word from God as to what trouble was awaiting Paul. They tried to keep him from Jerusalem. But Paul was confident God was taking him right into the fire and would carry out His good purposes through it. Are we ready to say in all things, ‘Your will be done Lord.’ Bible Text: Acts 20:28-21:26