Sermons on Micah

Sermons on Micah

Micah 6-7

Micah gives his third and final message to Israel. In so doing he reveals the guilt of Israel but finishes with the grace of God! The Lord is not going to destroy Israel but will rather deliver them completely in a future day. Bible Text: Micah 6:1-7:20

Micah’s Second Message

Micah delivers his second message to Israel confronting the sin of the leaders. But in God’s graciousness and mercy, we see the hope for Israel as God has future plans for the nation. Bible Text: Micah 3:1-4:13

Micah Prophecies to Israel and Judah

Micah is dealing with a people and a time where they felt everything was going well. But in their comfort and contentment they became very complacent. They began to ignore the commands of God and devise ways to sin – judgment was imminent. Micah records three sermons preached to Israel and Judah to warn them and to call them to repentance. But all through Micah we see that although God must deal with sin, He loves mercy and will ultimately restore Israel. Bible Text: Micah 1:1-2:13