Sermons on Romans

Sermons on Romans

Romans 16:1-27 – Paul The People Person

In the last chapter of Romans, Paul sends his greetings to those in Rome and gives his final words of encouragement. In this study we see that people and relationships were important to Paul. Bible Text: Romans 16:1-27

Romans 15:1-13 – Keeping The Unity

We finish up this section that Paul began in Romans 14 dealing with non-essential matters in the church. We discuss today how we stay united when others don’t see eye to eye with you. Bible Text: Romans 15:1-13

Romans 14:10-23 – Liberty And Love

Paul looks at three areas when dealing with those who see things differently that we do. We’re not to judge them, we’re to walk in love, and we’re to pursue peace. Bible Text: Romans 14:10-23

Romans 13:8-14 – Love Supreme

There’s one thing that is paramount for the believer – love. We are to love God and love others. We look at what this love looks like and how we should be motivated to love like this based on the times in which we live. Bible Text: Romans 13:8-14

Romans 12:3-8 – The Body That Works

As we continue to work our way through Romans 12, we take a look at various gifts at work in the church. And we see how we’re to view ourselves, the church, and our use of gifts.