Sermons on Faithfulness

Sermons on Faithfulness

2 Chronicles 28 – A Nation Exalted Or Expired?

Solomon said that righteousness exalts a nation. But we look at the reverse of that in this chapter as we see the wickedness of king Ahaz and the effect of that in Judah. We discuss how that parallels with our nation and how we are to respond.

2 Chronicles 14 – Lord, It Is Nothing For You

Asa is the new king of Judah and he turns things around. He directs people back to the Lord and they are greatly blessed. As an army of a million soldiers comes against them, Asa has such confidence in the Lord, that he calls out and says, ‘Lord, it is nothing for you to help!’ We learn some great lessons and application for us today through Asa’s example.

Anonymity Or Community

It’s easy to live in a place of isolation or anonymity. But is that what God intends for us? Is that an adequate way for the church to function? We take a look this morning at the operation of the early church and what they saw as a priority.