Sermons on Mercy

Sermons on Mercy

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The End Result of Sin

The book of Lamentations is a continuation from Jeremiah. Jeremiah warned the people of Judah that her sin and idolatry was paving the way for God’s judgment. The book of Lamentation is written in the aftermath of this judgment as Jerusalem and the temple is destroyed and the grief and mourning is heavy. Jeremiah writes to express this heartache of anguish yet reveals the hope we have in God in times of calamity. Bible Text: Lamentations 1:1-22
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I Am Coming Quickly

In Revelation 22, Jesus says that He is coming back, and He is coming quickly. In fact it’s repeated 3 times. It’s an important truth to hold on to in this day we live. Are we ready and waiting? What He has prepared is going to be so worth it! Bible Text: Revelation 22:8-21
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Down By The Riverside

John continues his tour around heaven and we continue to be amazed at the blessings that await us. A pure river and a tree of life is there, plus being before the throne of God and seeing Him face to face! May we continue to be excited at the prospects of heaven! Bible Text: Revelation 21:1-7
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Heaven Is Surreal

We know there’s a heaven, the Bible says so! But what is it going to be like? As we go through Revelation 21 we see some descriptions that help paint the picture for us. But at best, all we can determine is it’s going to be so much better than we can ever imagine! Bible Text: Revelation 21:9-27
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The Last Harvest

Chapter 14 gives us a preview of coming events. In this study we look at the fate of those that follow the world’s system and reject God’s way. Bible Text: Revelation 14:6-20
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Faith and the Future

Jeremiah is called to do something peculiar especially as the Babylonians are closing in around Jerusalem – he’s called to buy some property. This would require a step of faith as this didn’t make any sense from a human perspective. But the Lord assures him that there is nothing too hard for the Lord to do. And so we see the future plans that God has for His people. Bible Text: Jeremiah 32-33
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The Angel and the Book

John sees an angel come down and set his feet upon the land and sea. In his hand is a book that John is told to take and eat. Who is this angel and what is this book? We answer these questions and more as we look at this interlude between the 6th and 7th trumpet judgments. Bible Text: Revelation 10

The Priority Of Praise

Do you willingly choose to praise the Lord each day? This is something we were made to do. And we see the benefit of, and purpose of praise as we go through these Psalms. Bibel Text: Psalms 66-67