Sermons on 1 Chronicles

Sermons on 1 Chronicles

1 Chronicles 22-23 – Preparing For Production

In these chapters we look at how David did all he could to help and support the Temple project by getting things prepared for his son Solomon. Are we working in support of one another? Are you only involved if you get to carry out the work, or are you contributing in ways that simply ensure the work is carried out?

1 Chronicles 20-21 – Compromise And Calamity

David moves through battling enemies to battling himself as he decides to take a census of the people to bolster his confidence in his military might. The problem is he should have been confident in the Lord’s might, and he will pay the price for it. Nevertheless, we see how the Lord is directing through it all to accomplish His purposes.

1 Chronicles 17-19 – Blessings And Battles

We take a look at the Davidic Covenant in chapter 17. It’s a reminder of the many blessings God does in and through David’s life. We’re also reminded in the following chapters that we need to be prepared for the attacks of the enemy. We may be feeling blessed, but the enemy is looking to attack. Be on guard!

1 Chronicles 10-11 – Saul’s Downfall, David’s Triumph

We take a brief look at the end of Saul’s life, and the reason for his downfall, before moving on to the major subject of the book of 1 Chronicles – David. David and the rise of his kingdom is the main focus of this book. What made David so much more successful than Saul? We’ll see what God’s Word has to say about that in this study.

1 Chronicles 1-9 – Where Do I Belong

We begin our journey through 1+2 Chronicles by looking at the various genealogies of Israel and key figures within their history. It’s a fitting reminder for those returning out of Babylonian Captivity that God has not forgotten about them and still has a plan for them.