Sermons on Psalms

Sermons on Psalms

Psalms 140-141 – Praying For Protection

As much as David was a likeable guy, not everyone was for him. He had his experience with enemies and difficulty. And as we see in these chapters, instead of fighting against his enemies, David takes it to the Lord. David knows the Lord will maintain the cause of the afflicted.

Psalm 139 – The Wonder Of God

We are fearfully and wonderfully made David proclaims, this his soul knows very well. How about us? Do we comprehend the wonder of God through the life He’s given us? Are we aware of the work of God all around us? May this Psalm help you to see the wonder of God.

Psalms 136-138 – Singing Songs Of Sorrow Or Praise

We see in Psalms 136 and 138 a call to praise God and a reminder why we should do so. Sandwiched between these Psalms is a Psalm detailing a time when the Jews had no song to sing, when they sat in captivity in Babylon. It’s a picture of the results of sin. It will rob us of a song to sing.