Sermons on Zechariah

Sermons on Zechariah

Contrast Of Two Kings

Zechariah lays out an interesting history lesson for us, but prophetic revelation to him. God gave him a word of how he was going to judge the nations surrounding Israel, and it was going to come through Alexander the Great. But then Zechariah jumps to the coming King – Jesus, who is coming with peace not destruction. It’s a fascinating passage reminding us that God is…

Precious Promises

The word of the Lord comes to Zechariah encouraging the people saying: ‘Let your hands be strong!’ Ever felt like giving up with something before? But the Lord reminds them that He has great things in store for His people. So don’t give up! We have a great promise of future blessing as well. So regardless of what you’re going through, keep pressing on – it will all be…

Traditions and Truth

Why do you do the things you do? In your worship of God, have some things become just a routine that has lost all sense of reason behind it? This was the case in Zechariah 7. While in Babylon, the people had instituted various fast days and wondered if they needed to keep some of these traditions going. It’s important to evaluate what it is we are doing and make sure…
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