Matthew 28:1-8 – Come And See

We take a look at the Resurrection account through the lens of the critic. Many try and disprove the resurrection of Jesus Christ, but is it as simple as they say? We look at the various evidence to show we shouldn’t be fooled into thinking the resurrection never happened.

Idle Tales?

Surprisingly, news of the empty tomb was not received by the followers of Jesus. They took it as idle tales. Do we see the importance of the resurrection of Jesus in our lives today? Is the truth of it as idle tales to us? We look at the reality of the empty tomb and what it means for us today. Bible Text: Luke 24:1-11; John 20:1-9

Palm Sunday Breakthrough

In this message we look at the first Palm Sunday – the Triumphal Entry of Jesus, and compare it with the Triumphal Entry yet to come!

It Was Not Possible

With God all things are possible, right? Well, as we look at our message today, we see something that was not possible. Listen in as we see what that is and how that relates to the resurrection of Jesus! Bibel Text: Acts 2:22-38

Resurrection Sunday

Without the resurrection of Jesus, our faith would be futile. Brandon Dyck takes us through this most glorious of events and shows us how Jesus validated His work through His resurrection. Bible Text: Matthew 28:1-10

The 7 Sayings From The Cross

Jesus went to the cross willingly to save us of our sin. As He hung there He spoke 7 times. It revealed His heart and His mission. Follow along as we look at what was said and why.

Palm Sunday

Jesus makes His way into Jerusalem – just days before He was to lay His life down on the cross. The people meet Him on the way waving palm branches and publicly declaring Him as King. This is the first time Jesus allowed this. Listen in as Pastor Randy brings us through this all important event in the last days of Jesus’ life on the earth. Bible Text: John 12:12-16