Sermons on Judgment

Sermons on Judgment

How To Treat Others | Matthew 7:1-12

The problem with the human heart is that we tend to think of ourselves as much better than we truly are, overlook sin in our lives, but be drawn to see the sin in others. For us to live the life that Jesus is laying out in the Sermon on the Mount, the Kingdom Way, we need help! If we’re going to live a life that’s growing in righteousness, walking in obedience, then we need to look to the Lord.

Ezekiel 28-31 – The Problem Of Pride

We continue to look at a couple nations surrounding Israel that were soon going to feel the hand of the Lord against them. Their common struggle was that of pride. They began to consider themselves a god rather than rely on the One True God. And thinks won’t work out so well for them.

Romans 3 – Righteousness Revealed

In this wonderful chapter Paul concludes his trial of humanity to reveal our sin and guilt before God. Yet he doesn’t leave us there. He brings us to the great good news of the Gospel – that we can be righteous before God in spite of our sin and guilt. And it’s all possible through faith in Jesus Christ! Bible Text: Romans 3:1-31

Romans 2:1-16 – Judging or Judged?

A temptation we can all have is to think we’re doing ok by comparing ourselves to others. Paul addresses this in our passage and reveals to us that we will never have enough morality to stand righteous before God, unless we’re standing in the righteousness of Jesus alone. Bible Text: Romans 2:1-16
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Destroyed & Devastated

Jeremiah looks and sees the destruction of the temple and the city. The place is destroyed and the people are devastated. God was doing this because He cared more about the people than He did the places. Sin was ultimately to blame, and God wanted to bring them back to a right relationship with Him that they could enjoy life. Bible Text: Lamentations 2:1-22
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The End Result of Sin

The book of Lamentations is a continuation from Jeremiah. Jeremiah warned the people of Judah that her sin and idolatry was paving the way for God’s judgment. The book of Lamentation is written in the aftermath of this judgment as Jerusalem and the temple is destroyed and the grief and mourning is heavy. Jeremiah writes to express this heartache of anguish yet reveals the hope we have in God in times of calamity. Bible Text: Lamentations 1:1-22
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Messages To The Nations

In these chapters Jeremiah shares a number of messages to different nations. It’s a word of judgment from God for their pride, and self-reliance. Bible Text: Jeremiah 47-49
Jeremiah Study

Dead End In Egypt

Tonight we look at those that trusted in their way rather than following God’s way. A remnant left in Judah after Babylon’s conquest decided to seek refuge in Egypt. This isn’t what God had for them and it will not end well for them. Bible Text: Jeremiah 43-46
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