Sermons on Worship

Sermons on Worship

Psalms 136-138 – Singing Songs Of Sorrow Or Praise

We see in Psalms 136 and 138 a call to praise God and a reminder why we should do so. Sandwiched between these Psalms is a Psalm detailing a time when the Jews had no song to sing, when they sat in captivity in Babylon. It’s a picture of the results of sin. It will rob us of a song to sing.

2 Chronicles 1 – Solomon’s Worship, Wisdom, & Wealth

2 Chronicles is an interesting historical book that is written with a fresh perspective. It’s written to give the returning captives from Babylon hope in what God has done, and hope in what God wants to continue to do in and through Israel. In this study we look at the beginning of Solomon’s reign and how he began with great faithfulness to God.

1 Chronicles 22-23 – Preparing For Production

In these chapters we look at how David did all he could to help and support the Temple project by getting things prepared for his son Solomon. Are we working in support of one another? Are you only involved if you get to carry out the work, or are you contributing in ways that simply ensure the work is carried out?
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