Sermons from October 2013

Sermons from October 2013

Wondering and Wrestling

Habakkuk was troubled with what he was seeing around him and he wondered why God wasn’t acting? Shouldn’t God be taking care of this? Sound familiar? Ever feel like that? In the book of Habakkuk we find a wonderful reminder that we are to trust God – have our faith completely in Him. For even if we don’t realize it, He is at work! Bible Text: Habakkuk 1:1-17

Quarreling Questions – part 2

Jesus continues on fielding questions from the religious establishment, but in our passage here, He turns things around on them. A question is sent their way to expand their thinking on who Jesus is. We can’t limit who God is. Bible Text: Mark 12:28-44

Nineveh’s Going Down!

The book of Nahum stands somewhat as a sequel to Jonah. Jonah saw great revival in Nineveh, but now some 100 years later they have slipped back into their sinful, rebellious ways. Nahum comes now with a word of warning against Nineveh that judgment is coming. It’s a reminder for us that revival and repentance must be an ongoing work in our lives. Bible Text: Nahum…

Quarrelling Questions

Ever been asked a question where you know the person is not looking for truth, but rather to try and corner you? This is what’s happening as the religious leaders amp up their attack against Jesus and try and find a fault or accusation against Him. They come up with 3 questions that they think will trap Him. But Jesus is to wise, and gives them, and us, a great answer…