Sermons on Eternity

Sermons on Eternity

John 11:1-27 – The Resurrection And The Life

Jesus is called to Bethany because His friend Lazarus is sick. When He finally arrives He’s greeted with the news that Lazarus has been dead for 4 days. Lazarus’ sisters are full of grief. But Jesus shares a truth bomb that would provide endless hope – He is the resurrection and the life. He who believes in Him, even though they die, they will live.

Ezekiel 45-48 – Millennium Mandate

As we wrap up our study in Ezekiel, we continue to look at the various conditions of the Millennium along with the area around the temple. We’re reminded during this time (as the city is called): The Lord is there!

Job 15-19 – Battling Through Adversity

Job continues to get an earful from his friends that was of no help or value to Job. These friends didn’t have the full picture of what God was doing and their judgment was off. But Job was able to look beyond that and know the hope that lay ahead. He had a Redeemer, and one day he would see God in the flesh! May this reality keep us persevering through the hard times. Bible Text: Job 15-19

The Life Worth Living

Solomon concludes his discourse on life under the sun. He’s been seeing that it’s all vanity when lived apart from God. But life is not meant to be empty. Life is meant to be enjoyed when lived God’s way. We look at the life worth living in our wrap up of Ecclesiastes. Bible Text: Ecclesiastes 11-12
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