Sermons on Prayer

Sermons on Prayer

Psalms 101-102 – Praying For Holiness and Help

In these two Psalms we see a person seeking God to walk in Holiness, and another that is seeking God for help in his difficult situation. What a blessing it is to seek God in every situation of life. Bible Text: Psalms 101-102

Romans 8:26-39 – God Is For Us!

We finish up this mountain peak of Scripture and look at the reality of God being for us. Since He is for us, what can be against us? Along with that, we see the wonderful truth that nothing can separate us from His love. Bible Text: Romans 8:26-39

Acts 27 – Staying Safe In Storms

Paul is on his way to Rome, but this is no Mediterranean cruise. There’s some rough waters that Paul and the crew must navigate. But in this we see that God is ultimately in control. God will bring them to safety – but the key is to stay in the ship. Bible Text: Acts 27:1-44
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